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How it works?

  1. We discover your business. It can be a business where you offer services to clients. But it can also be selling of product that you produce or resell for others.
  2. We decide how to present your work in a nice video.
  3. Now after all the details we manage to film your video as detailed as possible.
  4. After the filming process we begin with the postproduction. We edit it and add positive sound to it. In the end the work should look honest and present you in a good light.
  5. After that we show the video and decide if we use it in YouTube or if we do an other one.
  6. We open a YouTube channel for you.
  7. Open an AdWords account with you and you give us the rights to advertise on it.
  8. After that you fill your account with advertising budget money that you will spend each month.
  9. We start to create advertising campaigns that will attract your customers to visit you homepage or to visit the landingpage that we create for you. The additional langingpage will cost you about 300$. But it will better sell your product or service.
  10. Depending on the plan that you choose we will reedit our campaigns and see where we can spend less and get more out of it.
  11. New clients will call you or write you. Now its your job to sell your product on the phone or per email. How ever you will see the power of YouTube.
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