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2 billions are watching YouTube. Are you sure that your client is not watching it?

Advertise your business on YouTube

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Let YouTube work for you. That’s our motto.


Create your ads for 1000$ a month.
Get each month a new video for your business (if necessary).
We create, edit and promote on YouTube for you.
Just enjoy new clients and work
on your business.

11 000$
You decide how much you spend for your advertising campaign.
We recommend to start with 500$-1500$ each month.
Create your ads for 500$ a month.
You pay 500$ a month to let us create advertising campaigns
on YouTube to get you new clients.
Each video of your business
cost 250$-500$ (1 video is included)

- we do 1 video for your business
- start your advertising campaign on YouTube
- follow and edit your campaign every week
- create a YouTube channel for you
- minimum advertising budget is 500$
Full service for 2000$ monthly
This plan includes as many videos as possible for your business.
We do our best to show your business from all different sides.
Than we start as many advertising campaigns as possible
to promote your business on YouTube.
The advertising budget should start from 1500$ monthly.
We will bring you as many clients as it is possible
with your advertising budget.

- We create as many videos as possible
- Full postproduction and integration for YouTube
- Create a huge amount of advertising campaigns for YouTube
- We have a 16hours support everyday for you
- Your campaign is priority for us
- Create your YouTube channel and maintain it
- advertising budget should start from 1500$ monthly

We know how to
promote on YouTube

The world without videos will be meaningless to us if there is no light and color, which opens up our minds and expresses passion.

The number one problem?
The number one problem is always to find customers
that are willing to pay for your service/product.
We know a good way with creative videos to
promote your business on YouTube and get
clients that you need. Don t worry.
Be happy. Thats our goal.
How YouTube ads will help your business?
Everybody is watching YouTube. We target your business to people who watch YouTube and are interested in your work. Those people see what you do in a video. This brings trust.
With trust people buy your product or use your service. And that leads you to be more powerful, earn more and achieve your goals.

We sell real estate on YouTube cause everybody is watching it

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The world without video will be meaningless to us if there is no light and color, which opens up our minds and expresses passion.

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